Well well, nothing much has changed on planet earth according to AVATAR: as a dude you just need to get the bigger Dragon, and  the girls will forgive you EVERYTHING! Only moments ago you were a persona non grata, and your love interest truly hated you. But wait! All you gotta do is jump on the red dragon and make a grand entrance. Absolutely no surprise that she melts away instantly! Personal issues, or the minor genocide you just committed, are forgotten in a sec.

So we learn: the bigger dragon gets you the better female AND makes her forgive you everything. Let me think….: red dragon = red Ferrari = bigger di**? Got it! In his highly analogical world James “Keep It Simple” Cameron is actually talking about the primal instincts of men and women. Men want women, and they want the man with the most impressive car.

Gotta go and get one of these Italian supercars now. Thanx a lot, James!

P.S. Has anyone noticed that AVATAR = 1 hr ALIENS + 1 hr TITANIC + 1 hr TERMINATOR? Spending 5 years on special effects, and only 5 hrs on the script ?!? Or is this the proof that Cameron is going truly totally gigantonormously green – recycling his previous movies?!?


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