Many may ask themselves: how the heck could AVATAR rake in two of the biggest prizes given away at the Golden Globes? Especially the prize for “Best Film”? It’s as obvious as herpes that AVATAR is not a good movie. Much has been written about the dreadful script and infantile dramaturgy, and whereas the visuals may be innovative the story is as original and surprising as the MARTHA STEWART show.

So the question is how could this Cameron Kitsch be a) a good movie in the eyes of the jury and b) a better movie than its contestants, including INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS? The answer lies with the awards and what they are. The Golden Globe just like the Oscars is an industry – or better “Hollywood” award, not an award given by an independent committee trying to judge just purely on an artistic basis.

The Globes = HFPA’s main objective to “establish favorable relations” with the USA and by doing so it’s their job to celebrate what represents Hollywood best. So the best film is the biggest film, is the film that spreads the images, values and views of American culture best across the globe, and in return for its missionary deeds the film consequently becomes the favorite of the HFPA who is supposed to “establish favorable relations” = lick Hollywood’s buttock. The Globe “serving as constant incentive within the entertainment industry” is meant to honor Hollywood products that are most compatible with other cultures and people, in short: the Globes would award Coca-Cola best picture if they could.

So we shouldn’t be disappointed that “better” movies did not win “Best Film” that night. We should recognize the Globes and the Oscars for what they are and understand the nature of these awards. Just as it is common for advertising festivals like Cannes to primarily celebrate themselves, to show off the industry’s best works of which many have actually never been published and just been created for the awards in order to win an award (so-called scam ads), it is common that even films are being created with the award season in mind, trying to bank on certain industry trends in order to land a surprise hit. And the festivals and awards are just too keen on doing them that exact favor.

If AVATAR ever wins a truly meaningful film award we should be seriously outraged. But as far as the Globes and Oscars are concerned they simply prove that AVATAR is nothing but the smallest common denominator.



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