BANGKOK ADRENALINE [อะดรีนาลีน คนเดือดสาด]

Thailand 2009   Directed by: Raimund Huber   Script: Raimund Huber, Conan Stevens   Production: Trit Charoenrach   Cinematography: Teerawat Rujintham, Jiradeht Samnansanor, Wardhana Vunchuplou   Cast: Daniel O’Neill, Conan Stevens, Raimund, Gwoin Jacob Miles

This is a fascinating piece of junk: the qualities (or the lack thereof) of BANGKOK ADRENALINE are so profoundly substandard that I wonder how come this horrible film ever got a release.

It is possible that this has to do with the Do-It-Yourself character of the film: not only is it shot and produced like a DIY experiment of amateur filmmakers, it may also be financed and released by the people involved in BANGKOK ADRENALINE themselves. In a country like Thailand this procedure is still pretty affordable.

Any which way, the film is basically a stunt show; some people think that the fights are executed pretty well. Maybe. But it is a sure fact that everything beyond the fighting is horrible. You just can’t sit through a single second of dialogue or acting, this is all plain laughable. And it’s worse when it comes to the technical aspects, camera, light, sound and so forth, all that is really painful to watch.

As a martial arts fan you might enjoy some of the action, but BANGKOK ADRENALINE would have profited from cutting out the rest and release this as a stunt video with 40 minutes running time. This was not destined to be screened in cinemas, nor was it destined to be a film, actually.  BANGKOK ADRENALINE only cares about the stunt choreography and pays zero attention to character development or the story line. So why should we care?

Hardly ever will you get a better opportunity to test the fast forward function of your DVD player. BANGKOK ADRENALINE is so bad that it’s almost entertaining for its flaws alone. But let’s not rely on that potential. Avoid BANGKOK ADRENALINE at all costs. Make sure you don’t cross paths. Ever.


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4 Responses to “BANGKOK ADRENALINE [อะดรีนาลีน คนเดือดสาด]”

  1. Conan Stevens Says:

    That’s funny, for such a ‘shit’ movie it played in major cinemas for seven weeks with only word of mouth advertising – seems many others did like it.

    The few cinemas in Thai areas (I was the only foreigner) I went to watch it in had the viewers laughing all the way through.

    Maybe you don’t get Thai humour?

    Oh yes, we did make it ourselves, I wrote it and we got local funding and the movie made a huge profit for the investors.

    • J. Says:

      Thanks for your comment Conan. We are sure your movie has found its audience and we do not doubt that it has done reasonably well at the box office. That alone however is certainly not an indicator for its artistic qualities. As all efforts went into the fight sequences and little to no attention was paid to character development, the story or the dramaturgy, we believe that it shares similar weaknesses with movies like ONG BAK or CHOCOLATE. So you’re in good company here. Also, we are aware that BA was made with a fan audience in mind, but even avid fans admit that apart from the action the movie is unwatchable. Getting back to your point: in most other countries BANGKOK ADRENALINE unarguably would have not been released in cinemas, but direct to video.

  2. Conan Stevens Says:

    Unfortunately many movies do not go as planned due to investors demands, producers demands, and unforseen circumstances, as well as the editing.

    One major problem with editing in Thailand is if the editor isn’t fluent in English then he has no idea which scene to use really and just sticks in the one that looks nicest, and soemtimes it is a case of they are just speaking English so who cares.

    The movie changed a lot from the written script by the time it was finally edited.

    I have yet to see the English version but the concentration on stunts was not the original plan.

    • J. Says:

      The circumstances of filmmaking certainly have a huge impact on the final outcome. Dealing with all kinds of objectives and parties involved is probably spoiling the fun substantially, just as in other creative industries. The issue with shooting and producing / post-producing with Thai personnel is known indeed. I’d say though that there are pretty good professionals in Thailand’s movie industry, but someone needs to be hands-on 24/7 and supervise every step closely. You’d definitely need a wing man who’s fluent in Thai and English and knows the business. I’m of course not familiar with the conditions of your shoot and post, but in the end the director / producer would have to take care that the final product comes out as planned. Easier said than done if you’re on a schedule of course. Would be interesting to know in how far the Thai version might differ from an English release. Please keep us posted.

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