FRANCE 2010  Directed by: Pierre Morel  Story by: Luc Besson  Written by: Adi Hasak  Produced by: Luc Besson, India Osborne  Cinematography: Michel Abramowicz  Editing: Frederic Thoraval  Music: David Buckley  Cast: John Travolta, Jonathan Rys Myers, Kasia Smutniak, Richard Durden, Yin Bing

Some of the output of the Luc Besson movie franchise machinery is watchable, some is actually really good (for instance TAKEN). The latter also being the reason we gave FROM PARIS WITH LOVE a try. A lot however is absolute junk, made for people who either indulge junk and/or are too stupid to actually realize they are being served junk with the sole purpose of draining the bucks out of their wallets.

FROM PARIS WITH LOVE is a good example for the worst kind of movie making. The movie is bad beyond belief. It is so incredibly horrible that it really takes you by surprise. I was astonished about the absolute lack of quality in each and every respect, and I’ve seen a lot of really bad movies in my life. FROM PARIS WITH LOVE is almost bad enough to be comical, but then it’s not really getting there and remains stuck in a state of total stupidity.

I cannot understand how certain people dare being associated with a film like this. Travolta, Besson et al. should be aware of the fact that their reputation will be tarnished forever after this disaster movie. They probably don’t care as long as the money’s good. Or they indeed believe the multiplex audience is not going to realize any of it anyways.

What’s for sure is that FROM PARIS is really taking it to the edge: the story and script, the acting, the dialogue, the directing and editing all deserve a gazillion Razzies. Simply un-friggin’-believable. Even the most idiotic of audiences must begin to discover halfway through the film that they are being ripped off. Without Travolta’s overacting it would be even more unwatchable though, but then this is nothing more than the John Travolta show in the first place and that’s a little too little to make a real movie.

All that remains after the dust has settled is that FROM PARIS WITH LOVE is displaying the lowest form of ethics and values seen in a long time. It advocates shooting everyone and everything basically just for fun, it is racist, sexist and free from any rationale, logic or intellect. The film is willingly accepting that it has no morale on or off the screen and isn’t interested in any.

This is one of the poorest attempts to copy SHOOT ‘EM UP, and it lacks the transcending quality of any good genre homage per se. FROM PARIS WITH LOVE doesn’t know stuff, doesn’t care and doesn’t go anywhere. If wasting your time and consuming crap is your kind of thing, go and have a look. Otherwise spread the word and save others from what must be one of the worst movies of this new decade.



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