USA 2009  Directed by: Karyn Kusama  Produced by: Daniel Dubiecki, Mason Novick, Jason Reitman Written by: Diablo Cody  Cinematography by: M. David Mullen  Editing: Plummy Tucker  Music: Theodore Shapiro  Cast: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, Johnny Simmons

What a lie: this is not about JENNIFER’S BODY, but solely about Megan Fox’s body. Without her (body), the movie would have gone unnoticed, among the also-ran. Not to mention that Fox is the villain and it’s actually Amanda Seyfried, the heroine, who legitimately should have posed for the cover art. It’s magic: cast Megan Fox and turn a B-movie into A-List material. Nice.

Megan Fox may be the it-girl of the moment, but it’s indeed her body that’s an asset here, certainly not her acting. But her mediocre on-screen performance blends nicely into the rest of the film: scripted like your average possessed-by-demons flick it has all the genre ingredients that we’ve known for ages. Fox is the new Blair, and JENNIFER’S BODY might have scored higher if it would have just been relabeled as CHEERLEADER EXORCIST or so.

Mostly JENNIFER’S BODY caters a teenage audience (despite the rating) and feels like TWILIGHT or HARRY POTTER 2.0. Some scenes are gross enough for more mature semesters, but overall the movie is more high school drama than horror movie. In its best moments it looks like a Brother’s Grimm adaptation and is quite charming.

JENNIFER’S BODY is partly watchable, but towards the second half the movie tends to be repetitive and increasingly boring. The ending – that means the ending after the real showdown that starts right before the credits and is edited similar to THE HANGOVER – is wonderful, but not enough to compensate for our lost time.

We would have expected more from the JUNO team. JUNO was quirky, straight-forward and authentic, all of what JENNIFER’S BODY is missing. Megan’s body may not be easily forgettable, but JENNIFER’S BODY is.


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