RAILWAYS (2010) is another good opportunity for everyone to decide if the Japanese are a) just really total nerds who just loooove their railways and trains and trainmen, or b) if that is all part of a huge propaganda machine to give the Japanese public the reassurance that everything works perfectly fine as usual and life is in order.


RAILWAYS tells the story of Hajime Tsutsui who works for an electric company but decides to move back to his hometown to take care of his mother. There he starts working as a rail car driver. Responsible for this piece of brand-new nostalgia is Yoshinori Nishikiori, the cast includes Kiichi Nakai, Reiko Takashima, Yuika Motokariya, Tomoko Naraoka, Takahiro Miura, Matsunosuke Shofukutei and Masanori Ishii. Starts next week I believe.



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  1. David Ray Says:

    I was able to watch Railways in July 2010 while in Matsue, Japan. My wife and I had just ridden the Ichibata Railway from Isumo the day before. While I would probalby not be able to dissuade someone from believing (if they are so inclined) that the Japnaese are total nerds who loove their trains, I found the movie and story quite charming, giving a flavor and taste of life in Japan that is otherwise unknown in the US. As an American train nerd myself, the Japanese should be proud of what they have built and I think this story shows that pride in a very positive light. My only disappointment is being unable to get a DVD that I can view in the USA or show my fellow railfan nerds. I believe it would be very popular and recommend the movie. Even my wife, who is not a railfan nerd, liked the movie.

    • J. Says:

      Thanks or the insight. You’re right, you have to ride a train in Japan to understand. It’s great. Unfortunately we are still waiting for a subbed release on DVD; so far only the Japanese-language DVD & Blu-Ray are out. Best chance is that it’s being released in Hong Kong or Taiwan with Engl Subs.

  2. Pol B. Maleniza Says:

    Railways 49 touches the heart of every man who needs to balance being a son, a husband, a father and a professional. Fullfilling ones dream is the ultimate reason to live. No matter how hard or easy will it be, just follow your heart and you will keep on the track…..look forward, have faith and move on…..

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