Cult movies, cool movies, rare movies and more: GONIN MOVIE BLOG is dedicated to exceptional movies from around the world, especially to movies from Asia which we have been promoting for more than 20 years. Our writers have been on the forefront of the emerging Asian movie scene since the mid-80’s and are recognized as authorities in their field, having issued countless publications offline and online.

GONIN MOVIE BLOG will publish reviews and articles on (Asian) films in order to provide information on & analysis of such films in English, far beyond the “synopsis” driven publications of most blogs out there. Whereas the writer(s) may be specialized in Asian movies in their usual line of work, this blog will review or comment on movies of all kinds as well as occasionally extend the reviews to other art forms such as music, literature or design, as the writer(s) of this blog have been exposed to and been working within various industries and pursue multiple interests 24/7.

Notes: by no means are the articles meant to be published chronologically, or are movie reviews meant to deal only with the latest films out there. As the writer(s) are not necessarily native English language speakers, please note that some (hopefully minor) aspects of the writing may be flawed.


  1. john yiu Says:

    why no more review after THOR?

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