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SIN SISTERS 2 [POO YING HAA BAAP 2 | ผู้หญิง 5 บาป 2]


THAILAND 2010  Directed by: Sukij Narin  Cast: Rungrawee Barijindakul, Saruta Reungwiriya, Patchuda Panpipat, Tchichacha Jareonpongpreecha, Kanoklada Wichakon, Pornthip Pulsawat

Sleaze is the name of the game, but I guess that’s not really surprising after seeing the first installment: on the surface SIN SISTERS 2 is a moral tale about sex and how baaaaad it is, while in fact the story is just an excuse to show as much sex as possible (that being said, don’t expect what you would consider “a lot of sex”, as we’re talking about a commercial sex movie made in Thailand).

The story that’s hardly a story deals with five women who for whatever reasons are together in one room, chained to a platform, while what’s probably meant to be the devil forces them to confess their worst sins. The one who has committed the worst sin will die, according to the voice from, ahm, hell. And so the romp begins, showing the five in delicate situations, interspersed with some random T&A scenes that will even make a kindergarten yawn.

If I could take SIN SISTERS 2 seriously I’d say it condemns the entertainment business, the decline of moral standards in Thailand (especially in Bangkok) and the decreasing appreciation of religion and its norms and values. But SIN SISTERS 2 hardly features what commonly constitutes a “movie”, and might very well just be a test for the local authorities and the new rating system, toying with the governing body to get some good PR. Who knows. Who wants to know.

But we could also simply say it’s the wrong movie at the wrong time, using a concept that’s been introduced as early as the 1960’s, showing as much nudity as mainstream movies more than 40 years ago while having less substance than any episode of any Thai soap opera airing on any channel in the Kingdom. SIN SISTERS 2 ain’t cinematic material, but since the good old video rental is dead they must have figured there’s no other place to dump their trash than the multiplex.

Avid fans of part one will be delighted to see the sequel, everyone else will most likely not be able to finish the movie, but instead leave the cinema untimely, repeatedly hit the fast-forward button or simply stop the show after not more than 15 minutes into the film. SIN SISTERS 2 is miserable all around, so you might want to take my advice and avoid the movie at all costs.