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KOREA 2010  Directed by: Yoo Seon-Dong Written by: Lee Gong-Joo, Lee Jeong-Hwa, Park Hye-Min Cinematography by: Yeong-Taek Choi  Editing by: Steve M. Choe, Jin Lee  Cast: Park Ji-Yeon, Hwang Jeong-Eum, Yoon Si-Yoon, Park Eun-Bin, Kim Su-Ro, Son Ho-Jun, Ji Chang-Wook, Choi Ah-Jin, Yun Seung-Ah, Nam Bo-Ra, Kwon Hyeon-Sang, Yeo Min-Joo

Now, it’s quite obvious that GOSA is not the material that needs to be made into a sequel, and it’s also not a secret that GOSA is me-too in the first place, which makes GOSA 2, what, a second-gen copy? Anyway, someone took a couple of Won and went ahead without ever consulting me (help you I can, young Padawan).

What amazes me the most about DEATH BELL 2 is that there is no learning curve whatsoever. On the contrary, while DEATH BELL 2 is not directly related to the first film it however follows the dramaturgy of DEATH BELL almost step by step, going as far as to re-shoot many scenes exactly as they were in the first part. The script appears to be based on a template, with new content added into the existing framework, resulting in marginal differences between DEATH BELL 1 & 2.

What concept is that? Exactly. DEATH BELL 2 is more of the same: wicked games, student killings, a dark secret and so forth. The makers of the movie have paid attention to the death scenes finally, displaying more creativity than before and making DEATH BELL 2 a slightly more watchable genre flick. Nevertheless it never matches the films it quotes as inspiration.

Just as before the characters remain bloodless throughout, nothing more than cannon fodder. Why we should care remains the secret of Yoo Seon-Dong. In between the killings we are exposed to confusing story elements that don’t do any good; if there’s one thing the first film did better then that it was mostly straight-forward. DEATH BELL 2 is more talkative than its predecessor, without adding anything we need to hear.

There are people out there who “have been waiting for” this movie. I don’t see a reason why anyone would wait for a mediocre sequel to a mediocre first film. But so be it; I am sure whoever considers DEATH BELL 2 another good horror movie will have his/her reasons. I for my part won’t join the club of followers though.