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THAILAND 2010  Directed by: Thanadol Nualsuth, Thammanoon Sakulbunthanom Story by: Poj Arnon Produced by: Poj Arnon  Cast: Akara Ammadayakul, Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Kwankao Sawetwimol, Sarocha Watidtapan

It was probably only a matter of time until the latest wave of great Thai horror movies comes to an end. THE INTRUDER has nothing in common with HA PRAENG or TAI HONG, instead it is a wonderful example of as-bad-as-it-gets movie making.

The general surgeon would probably advise that with every second of INTRUDER intake you are running a risk of losing your mind, but if we focus on the essential questions of a) how bad this movie is and b) how much fun it is to watch actually, INTRUDER nevertheless scores fairly high. It’s been a while I saw people fight with rubber snakes, a movie shot solely in an abandoned building they are trying to sell us as run-down apartment complex, special effects that are not simply substandard, but 10,000 leagues under the sea, or actors that must have been recruited from a nearby bus stop. In short, it’s a movie us horror movie fans dream of as it guarantees a splendid film festival screening or Saturday movie night.

The story: before the new Suvarnabhumi airport was built the area was known to be a huge cobra swamp. That part of the story is actually true, and it’s also the only truthful, authentic thing about THE INTRUDER. Then bad, bad people and the evil side of civilization arrived on the scene and transformed this beautiful, picturesque swamp, this oasis of culture, tranquility and still life that was revered by all Thais and by even more tourists, into a horrible, horrible airport. Little wonder that the snakes go apeshit and attack the inhabitants of some entirely unknown apartment building nearby while staying away from the airport and tourists, because they know that this is not a good time to put Thailand into even greater turmoil than it already is. As soon as the snakes have eaten up their prey, the movie’s over (that’s when you realize THE INTRUDER doesn’t have a real beginning either).

It also doesn’t have a story. Or actors. Or a single good scene. THE INTRUDER is just plain bad, but that catapults it right into the hall of fame of bad movies: this is a must see. So move over SNAKES ON A PLANE, here comes SNAKES ON AN AIRPORT, the newly crowned mother of all snake horror movies, the epitome of trash films.

THE INTRUDER may have no clue what direction to slither towards, but it keeps the momentum up, going on and on and on with gory scenes and scream queen scenes and stupid snake-filled scenes and most of all senseless scenes, until the producer’s money ran out and someone pulled the plug. Plop.