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Thailand 2009   Directed by: Manop Udomdej  Cast: Sopita Sribanchuen, Kesarin Ektawatkul, Pete Thongchua

After a super-secret mission in the south of Thailand, Gunja, a CIA operative, is becoming a target herself. Escaping an attempt to assassinate her she goes AWOL for 2 years, only to resurface in Bangkok in order to find out who wants her dead and to stop another crime from happening. Needless to say that she’ll meet a couple of old friends along the way.

SUAY SAMURAI (literally: Beautiful Samurai) is another one of those Thai B-Action movies that the country and possibly the world can’t get enough of. For whatever reason we can still see a large and continuous output of this kind of stuff coming out of the kingdom and surprisingly there’s an audience out there buying into these films. Even though movies like SUAY SAMURAI may still be screened in cinemas across Thailand they without a doubt wouldn’t see the light of the silver screen ever in a western market. So make no mistake, this kind of film must generally be considered direct-to-video fare.

SUAY SAMURAI is not the worst of its kind, has some sense of style and solid action sequences – plus the girls look good fighting in tight clothes –, overall however this cannot deviate from the fact that the script is lousy and the cinematic appeal overall lackluster. Don’t be fooled by the sexy artwork, this always looks far better than the actual movie. Also, the film is not exactly faithful to its subject: disregard the title we’d say that SUAY SAMURAI is mix-and-match as far as martial arts styles and weaponry are concerned. Many scenes/ outfits/ designs/ choreographies are clearly inspired by the good old days of cheap ninja movies than by the more classy samurai movies of contemporary Japanese cinema. Not to forget the girls-and-guns genre, the film also more than obviously descends from the lineage of Hong Kong films of the 80s and early 90s. Yeah, it also features some villains on motorcycles, that’s friggin’ original, ain’t it?

SUAY SAMURAI is a bastard of a movie, and not a glorious one. But it may serve its purpose and kick ass for 90 minutes – if you need a companion for TV dinner SUAY SAMURAI could be your choice. Everyone else will wish THE VANQUISHER is more like THE VANISHER.