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PAD THAI: SORRY SA RANG HE YO a.k.a. OLD LOVE IN KOREA, SORRY! I LOVE YOU [GAO RAK TEE GAULEE | เการักที่เกาหลี ซอรี่..ซารังเฮโย | 쏘리 사랑해요]


Fitting perfectly to a country that is full with teenagers wishing to be Korean (or in love with one) SORRY SA RANG HE YO tells the story of a young woman who travels to Korea and falls in love with a local actor. The rest is a romantic soap in 35mm format, appealing largely to teens and mothers-in-law.

Directed by Poj Arnon, starring Haru Yamakushi, No Ajoo, Saran Sirirak, Ratchanon Sukprakob, Pattrick Piyers, Tanya Rattanamakul, Phutawan Techatiwanit, Kachapa Tancharej and Palwarisah Penchad.