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Five Star Entertainment’s latest installment of Thailand’s genuine superhero movie series RED EAGLE (INSEE DANG) is currently scheduled for release in October, but according to latest news might be pushed back further. Fans will happily wait nevertheless for Wisit Sasanatieng’s (TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER) epic that promises to be a welcome break from Thai comedy and horror that otherwise fill the kingdom’s silver screens.

The story deals with a nuclear power plant becoming subject of a huge controversy between citizens and corrupt politicians (any resemblance with real Thai politicians is intentional). Red Eagle fights for justice and against the bad guys up there, but runs into trouble as soon as the politicians unleash their super weapon called Black Eagle. The movie stars Ananda Everingham and Yarinda Bunnag. More soon.


PAD THAI: POP STAR [ดวงอันตราย]


Looking for sex, drugs and rock’n roll? You got it: opening soon in Thailand is POP STAR starring Jay Montonn Jira as musician Jay who is trying to become and international singing sensation. But his past quickly catches up with him, namely family and mental health issues. The movie is directed by Robert La Force and co-stars Tak Bongkote Kongmalai and Nirut Sirichanya.


PAD THAI: SORRY SA RANG HE YO a.k.a. OLD LOVE IN KOREA, SORRY! I LOVE YOU [GAO RAK TEE GAULEE | เการักที่เกาหลี ซอรี่..ซารังเฮโย | 쏘리 사랑해요]


Fitting perfectly to a country that is full with teenagers wishing to be Korean (or in love with one) SORRY SA RANG HE YO tells the story of a young woman who travels to Korea and falls in love with a local actor. The rest is a romantic soap in 35mm format, appealing largely to teens and mothers-in-law.

Directed by Poj Arnon, starring Haru Yamakushi, No Ajoo, Saran Sirirak, Ratchanon Sukprakob, Pattrick Piyers, Tanya Rattanamakul, Phutawan Techatiwanit, Kachapa Tancharej and Palwarisah Penchad.